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Ceramic coating

Anyone would want their brand-new car to look spick and span by washing it on a regular basis and applying a new coat of wax every few months. But despite all that, swirl marks, chips, and stains are inevitable. Not only that, water stains, dirt, and soot will start to stick to your car the day after you thoroughly wash it. Now, if you don’t have the time to put in all that hard work, you can get your hands on ceramic coating!

Ceramic coating, also known as nano ceramic coating, is a solution to your problems. Whether rain or shine, it helps to protect your car from external paint damage which is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of your car. It is an added layer of protection called hydrophobic which is typically applied by hand and blends with the paint of your vehicle. It is an alternative option to waxing which its end goal is to keep stain marks, dirt and grime from appearing on your car pain and destroying the clear coat.


Ceramic Paint Protection | Process of applying Ceramic Coating on the car
Ceramic Paint Protection | Process of applying Ceramic Coating on the car

Protective Coating For Cars | Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

Although ceramic coating is like ‘glass coating’ in terms of protecting the paintwork, the compounds are rather different. This type of coating has extremely durable acrylic ingredients and hard-wearing polymers that form an effective and protective layer to the external parts of your automobile. If you’re planning to achieve that enhanced glossy style, then a good ceramic coating will get you your money’s worth. Additionally, the application makes your paintwork scratch-resistant and prevents UV damages, therefore, reducing the amount of oxidation.

Because by the end of the day, our main goal is to serve you the best automotive styling experience ever.


It acts as an extra layer of protection

Prevents damage by acting as an extra layer of protection for your car. The ceramic coating helps to protect your vehicle from UV rays which will cause your car’s paint job to fade over time.


Ceramic coating helps to repel water and other substances that can potentially harm your car, especially dirt and mud. With ceramic coating, it helps to prevent the formation of water spots which could harm your car’s exterior if it is not cared quickly.

Easier to Clean

Ceramic coating gives your car a repelling power with the ability to repel dirt and mud, making it easier to clean your car without the need to scrub as hard to remove the dirt and grime.


With ceramic coating, it helps to prevent the need to send your car for repairs to fix those damages. As compared to traditional waxing, it protects your car from a variety of different kinds of damage.

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System X Max Coating

Highly advanced coating that provides maximum protection and maximum durability.
Having an extra layer of protection for your car is important in preventing it from scratches or damage. With System X Max Coating, keeps your car more durable and environmentally resistant than ever before. It features a stronger, tougher shell with up to four times thicker, 2x stronger, and 2x more durable than previous coatings, making it more resistant to harmful water spotting.
System X Max Coating is the perfect coating for trucks, Powersports, Rvs, aviation, fleet vehicles, and more. With its highly advanced coating, it gives your car a super slick and glossy outlook.

ONYX – Graphene Pro 10H & N1

It combines the mix of properties with the advanced Nano-Technology to create a superior and perfect product like no other in the Car Care Industry.
With a thick layer of protection up to 1000nm, this Graphene Pro coating provides the ultimate shield to all types of surfaces. Surfaces like painted surfaces, metal surfaces, metal, and glass are 100% protected against chemicals, scratches, and pollutants resistant that last a lifetime. We promise to help you achieve a smooth, glossy, and hydrophobic layer of protection through a simple application process.

Fireball Hydro Shampoo

An all-in-one product that combines a car shampoo with a hydrophobic water-repellent coating. This protection allows water-borne dirt and contamination to slide away, rather than sticking to your car surfaces. Your car will stay cleaner for a longer period of time and cleaning the car will be much easier! The shampoo makes it clean effectively while being gentle on cars.
Some of the few features & benefits include:

  • PH Neutral
  • Safe on all automotive surfaces and paintwork.
  • Leaves behind a water-repellent coat.
  • Allows dirty water & contamination to bead away from treated surfaces.
  • Super hydrophobic and high gloss.


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