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Whether you’re installing window tints to get that chic and sophisticated look, or just to get them for the safeguard of your eyes and skin, it’s no doubt that getting your windows tinted has arguably one of the most significances. Naturally, we can’t avoid UV rays while we’re out on a drive unless you act preventatively by investing in getting your windows tinted as it will effectively block out harmful UV rays. Now, you might think that those are the only functions of the window tints but there’s another extensive safety benefit to drivers which is holding the glass shards together during the events of an incident.

Installation process of car window tinting singapore
Installation process of car window tinting singapore

BENEFITS OF window tinting

Due to the infrared rejection that blocks 99% of UV rays, you can rest assured that window tinting is perfect for blocking out heat and keeping your car cool even on sunny days. With our service, you can expect a non-reflective, color-stable film that offers great optical clarity. From 10 years of our experience, our team has done countless installations of window tinting. Imperial Auto Style ensure that your car gets the highest quality by using the best possible materials.

Solar Heat Rejection – Window Tint helps to block out 35-65% of solar heat that radiates inside the cabin. Keep your car cool and comfortable. 

Privacy and Security – Installing window tint prevents people from seeing your interior, allowing almost no visibility inside your car.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays – Window tinting reduces the impact of those rays when you are inside your car, blocking up to 99% of UV radiation.

Glass Protection – It keeps the glass attached to the tint, preventing the glass from exploding all over the place in the event of an accident. 



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